Bubor Cha Cha

One of the benefits of traveling to a foreign land is the chance to sample new things you've never had before, like exotic, delectable foods, and dysentery... from eating exotic, delectable foods. Delivering you the former while sparing you the latter, Bubor Cha Cha.

Located in the former Grand Chau Chow, this Chinatown spot serves an expansive menu of "New Asian Fine Cuisine" (read: Malaysian and Thai w/ a lil' Indonesian action) in an elaborate outdoor-themed, Kuala-Lumpur-meets-Disney-Land 23-table space decorated w/ a sky blue and cloud painted ceiling, bamboo/wood shingle roof overhangs, leopard-patterned varnished wood floors, and an ornately tiled, floor-to-ceiling column fountain affronting a wall decorated w/ giant bamboo gates. House specialty dishes include Sarang Burung, a deep fried tara pot w/ shrimp, chicken, baby corn, black mushrooms, and sprinkled w/ cashews; Sambal Udang, stir-fried squid w/ onions and peppers doused in a spicy Malaysian shrimp paste; and tender chunks of frog, cut up then deep fried in a salt and pepper spice seasoning, an even better preparation than The Great Muppet, with Capers. BCC also cooks up meaty entrees like pork chops marinated in a strawberry sauce and sautéed w/ onions and scallions; Kari Ayam, dark meat chicken and potato seasoned w/ red curry in coconut milk gravy; and beef short ribs dunked in a smoky java marinade, aka, short ribs a la beatnik poet.

If you want to extend the exotic post-din, they offer a sweet soup served cold w/ potato, yam, red bean, and coconut milk; and brown coconut syrup-soaked shaved ice w/ red beans and green pea flour strips, reminding you of your good fortune when that Burmese cop only thought you were peeing in the planted road median.