Busker's Lounge

Operations often attempt to redefine themselves with more upscale offerings, like Mickey D's introducing McDeluxe to the masses, and the masses introducing themselves to Wendy's. Introducing upscale to the Grand Canal, Busker's Lounge.

Wanting to add a slightly more lavish component to their neighborhood bar, the owners of Grand Canal took over the adjoining space, turning it into an open 13-table lounge/restaurant with its own menu of rich meat/seafood and classic pub grub all served in a cavernous black-walled two-level space replete w/ contrast hardwood floors, beige paper light fixtures, five flat-screens, and an iron-grated elevated seating area so posh it overlooks the full bar. Hearty lounge eats include the Cajun spiced blackened chicken tossed in Alfredo with shrooms/roasted peppers/scallions; and jumbo shrimp simmered in a lobster basil cream sauce, and served over lobster ravioli -- damn your ravioli allergy! More proletariat offerings include sammies like the Busker's Angus sirloin burger topped with crispy bacon, sautéed peppers & onions, and Swiss; the roast beef & smoked ham loaded-Cuban w/ melted cheddar; and the lightly breaded and fried Haddock Sandwich stuffed in a sub roll and slathered with creamy tartar sauce, which you're free to eat, as long as you don't touch that joke.

They also offer up an eclectic mix of apps (Angus sliders; steamed mussels w/ chorizo/tomato; beef teriyaki skewers marinated in pineapple, ginger and garlic), 24 beers (CFB Light, Bass, Long Hammer IPA, etc) and "signature martinis", an otherwise upscale offering attempting to go chickishly downmarket by introducing "signature".