Food & Drink


Some trends catch on fast, some are slow to build, and some will always be there. Like pogs. Helping speed up the slow food trend, Canteen, soft opening tomorrow

From two buddies (one who owns Arrow Street Crepes) eager to foster the organic slow food movement while "bringing the ingredients from fine dining to quick serve", Canteen is a gourmet sammie shop in an eco-friendly/heavily wooded 28-seat space replete with colorful mosaic tile/exposed brick walls, five species of organic reclaimed wood (black eastern walnut, mahogany, white oak, etc) interspersed throughout, and bamboo tables and benches -- so probably NOT the greatest place to go on a double date with Tai Shan. Handheld deliciousness includes a pulled pork 'carnitas' style sammie on grilled sourdough w/ smoked ham, melted pepper jack, and a dill pickle salsa/Cubano sauce; a sour cream dollop'd spicy jerk chicken flour tortilla quesadilla w/ melted jack and corn salsa; and lemon vinaigrette'd smoked salmon on Syrian Lavash topped w/ light cream cheese, red onions, and capers, which you can get with or without Hardy Boys (though the Chet recommends with). For heartier dinner fare, there's a basil walnut pesto'd roast sliced pork loin w/ white bean puree and cheddar broccoli gratin; Southern-style corn meal crusted chicken and waffles in an apricot chipotle honey butter; and pan-seared arctic char w/ soffritto vinaigrette and a faro salad made from local veggies, which, due to their proximity to Central Square, will probably ask you for change

To satisfy the morning grumblings, there's an array of breakfast eats like waffles, omelets, and french toast to go with a Nutella sandwich w/ bananas on toasted Pullman, or chunky pb&j, which sucks if you like smooth. And you lost your slammer? Rough day!