Cheap Monday

The Swedes have long proven they're very good at doing more with less -- IKEA showed you don't need ornamentation to make furniture stylish, while Elin Woods demonstrated you don't need daylight to hit a nine-iron square on its face. Bringing sleek simplicity to clothing, Cheap Monday.

Founded as a line of wallet-friendly/fashion-forward denim outta Stockholm, CM continues to grow the collection, dropping a new spring selection of distressed jeans, jackets, graphic tees, and button-downs that sport a Euro-meets-Harvard-prep vibe that nonchalantly says, "I work the door at a small club in Cambridge". Up top, there's the black, slim fitting, single-breasted two-button Studio Jacket w/ notch lapel collar and single back vent; the Pete, a 5-button charcoal grey/black mélange cardigan w/ two open waist pockets; and a spread collared, short-sleeve blue/green/red-checked woven button-down called the Tom (rock it without a shirt and you're Tom and Hairy). To keep your legs warm/stylish, there're the lightweight brown, creased-front cotton-twill Row pant; the slightly looser fitting, straight leg, raw denim Autobahn Soft Dirt; and the slim-fitting/slightly tapered Five Alive N Dry dark rinsed jeans with button fly, contrast stitching, and a juicy blend of five fruits that's fun for all the family!!

And because you dream of warmer environs, CM's also dropping shorts like the pleated, brown/beige-checked Crawl, a selection of vintage-inspired sun cheaters like the light turtle metal/plastic Night Planner, and a black tee depicting an airport scan of whips/chains/handcuffs -- things Elin would bring on a plane, but who knows about her husband what's-his-name?