Chroma Lab

Giving something a second chance on life can be a gratifying experience, like rescuing a puppy from the pound, or your Pound Puppies from your evil mom who was recklessly planning to throw them out just because you "haven't lived here in 12 years". Giving old furniture a new lease on life, Chroma Lab.

From a decorative painter and an art historian out of JP, CL paints and restores "neglected but promising pieces of vintage high quality furniture" in funky colors and glossy finishes, and also hand makes home accessories and brightly painted mid-century-esque clocks -- just in case you need to know what time it is in 1962. Desks and dressers include the Gun Metal, a solid wood, seven-drawer work station fitted w/ vintage hardware and painted w/ a metallic grey high gloss automotive finish; the shiny Super Blue Writing Desk that features two drawers w/ new glass knobs, a fold down writing surface, and an 8-compartment, shellac-finished interior; and a four drawer, hand painted and distressed dresser w/ satin polyurethane topcoat, and milk glass knobs called the Salty Green, also the long awaited bank heist film from the Grumpy Old Men crew. CL also rescues chairs and tables like the Red Hot, a classic single drawer side table that's finished in a high gloss red; the antique Haunted Chair w/ original black finish and purple/black raven-in-a-tree silhouetted upholstery; and the solid wood Umbrella End Table painted red, orange, pink, yellow and covered w/ a glossy tung oil topcoat, which it started wearing after it ditched its North Face, risking banishment from the City of Boston.

To finish off the room, there are custom pieces like a re-varnished mahogany coffee table w/ bright green drawer, as well as circular birch plywood clocks and lamps, so you can shine a light on your mom, who's now making a move towards My Buddy! Not so fast, witch-woman!