Craigie On Main

Even the most awesome must diversify to thrive: Schwarzenegger parlayed his acting and construction company ownership into the Gubernatorship, while his Pumping Iron co-star Franco Columbu stuck with being diminutively brawny, and ended up doing hair tonic infomercials. Embracing diversification, Craigie On Main, open today

With CoM, Tony Maws has moved his tiny, dinner-only Parisian food operation into the former La Groceria's 99-seat space, which he's decked out with a restored wooden plank floor, vintage art, a monster stainless steel Molteni cooking suite, and a 30-seat bar -- all in service of going way beyond formal dinner. Though he'll still be doing his seasonal a la carte (Spice Crusted Wild Boar Sirloin, Vermont Suckling Pig, etc), he's also installed a cheaper bar menu with choice picks like the "Best Burger" (local grass-fed beef, Cantal cheese, homemade bun, crispy onion rings), Craigie Country Pork, Garlic and Red Wine Sausage, Crispy Fried Florida Rock Shrimp, and Les Cochonailles -- "assorted charcuterie of all things pork", the culinary ripcord on your next JDate. He's also sporting a dramatically expanded "libation" menu, populated by the likes of the Maws Mule (Persimmon, Ginger, Bittermens Pepper Cake Bitters), the Northern Lights (St. Germain, Scotch, Lime, Bittermens Tiki Bitters) and the Martinez, made with Craigie's Antica Replica, Maraschino, Bitters, and Old Tom you can see why it's called the Martinez. Coming soon: lunch and a Southwestern brunch offering hotness like Red Chile & Spice-Crusted Hangar Steak w/ Farm-Fresh Eggs, and "Horseman's Haven" New Mexican Green Chile Stew -- so for the less-awesome to thrive, they won't have to diversify their skills beyond learning how to use a spoon.