Enter the Cold-EEZE Contest

A great storyteller can spin an enthralling yarn about any experience, whether it's the time he lost a finger to frostbite while scaling Everest, or the time he lost his virgin...wool coat, which would have really come in handy on Everest. Now, to win a seat aboard an epic adventure, all Cold-EEZE wants you to do is spin a yarn about Your Worst Cold Ever.

Cold-EEZE, the zinc-based virus killer, that's clinically proven to shorten your cold and work fast wants you to submit a short video (minimum 30-45 seconds) featuring you, relating a hilarious, tragic, or tragi-larious tale about a time when you were totally owned by nature's most persistently annoying pestilence. If your submission's judged the worthiest, you'll win a spot on Thrillist's next globetrotting jaunt, when you and 100+ other thrill-seekers will be whisked off to an undisclosed location (the last two: Vegas and Jamaica) for all manner of cocktailing, dance-partying, and swearing not to tell anybody about whatever happens after the cocktailing and dance-partying. As for the content of your tale, there aren't really any limits: maybe you were giving a presentation, and started hacking and sneezing, and totally shamed yourself and your family; maybe you couldn't get out of bed for a week, and discovered an abiding love for 4-hour Lifetime movies about female FBI agents finding love during murder investigations only to find out their lover is the murderer!

To help keep you from accumulating any more woeful cold stories, Cold-EEZE is offering 25% off at Drugstore.com and a Cold & Flu Season Survival Guide. To submit your vid, just type up Coldeeze.com/videoexpo -- unless you really did lose a finger, in which case, hunt-and-peck that url.