F1y Styles

Bright ideas in college seldom see it through to fruition, like double majoring in econ and Mandarin or actually washing your comforter. See one that actually did, at F1y Styles

Founded by a senior biz major in the entrepreneurship program at Babson, F1S is a sneakerfreak thread specialist that just opened its online doors with a simply-stated collection of new tees designed to complement the right pair of kicks and, as their slogan claims, to get you "noticed", without the aggravation of unicycling everywhere. Fresh looks include the Laces, a sky blue/gray/white short sleeve donning the silkscreen of an approaching high top with its laces spelling "F1y" above the shoe and a bullet on the back; and the lapis/lime/white combed cotton DreamKicks inspired by the Spielberg company logo and featuring a sneaker-clad, backward-hat-wearing dude fishing from inside a half moon using a "f1y" lure to hopefully catch something other than a copyright infringement lawsuit. Other steez includes a black F1y in the Sky cotton crewneck adorned with a white-suited, purple high-top-wearing astronaut landing on the moon; and a patriotic red, white, and blue tee sporting Lady Liberty lighting the path with a bold white shoe in lieu of a torch, called the Liberty & Kicks -- give her your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to breathe Nike free

They've got seven new to-come styles in the works including the literally-interpreted "Sneakerhead", the Celtics-green Bomb Kicks designed w/ a fighter jet dropping Jordan 1 DMP, and a yellow tee w/ picture/word puzzle on the front that reads, "I Keep My Sneakers Clean" – which is more than can be said for your raggedy ass duvet.