Fini Concierge

Aside from the sweet commemorative paddle above your mantle, the other benefit of fraternity life is forcing pledges to do menial tasks you never wanted to do, like attending your sessions w/ Dr. Stephens to talk about how you got paddled. Re-up on the menial task side, with Fini Concierge

Having just expanded to include services on Cape Cod, Fini's a Fenway-based personal concierge service designed to take care of all the annoying things you don't want to do (scheduling, planning, purchasing, waiting for servicemen, etc) without the hassle of marrying somebody. To make it happen, either call them directly or complete an online client profile form w/ your personal info, decide whether you want to use the service a la carte ($47/hour) or purchase a by-month block of hours, then submit requests via phone, fax, or email, only paying for the service upon completion, so you won't have to pony up until they've safely delivered all seven cans of lukewarm Tab. Offered services range from routine (delivering/picking up dry cleaning, cleaning your closet, food shopping, waiting for the plumber, etc) to more-involved: organizing tax prep, purchasing gifts, updating your wardrobe via "fashion consulting", even arranging and implementing a full "relocation" in Boston, a nice way of saying that they'll have the awkward convo with your ex-GF about who gets to keep the vibrating touch massager

As of this week, FC is rolling out a multitude of Cape services, including searching for your summer share, stocking kitchen/bar, and preparing your cottage for the summer -- which probably means mounting your paddle, 'cause lord knows you were forced to.