Neighborhood icon reopens serving wood-fire pizza

They say that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and no one wants to deal with Mr. Stiles again -- that dude is unreasonably tight with the bathroom passes! Saving history by adding pizza, The Flatbread Company at Sacco's Bowl Haven, soft opening tonight.

Learning from the stagnation of places that refuse to change, the folks at FBC are reviving this 1930s neighborhood candlepin icon into a more modern bowl/bar/resto hybrid by bringing their pizza goodness to the completely gutted 180-seat space that still boasts ten bowling lanes, but now prominently features two domed wood-fire clay stone ovens, rust red colored/exposed brick/wood-planked walls, hand-blown glass billiard ball light fixtures, and a massive 40-seat bowling alley-length bar made of wood from the old lanes -- so you can sauce yourself into the gutter (pun one!) and leave with no cash to... spare (pun two!). Traditional flatbreads include the Homemade Sausage (nitrate-free maple fennel sausage w/ caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, and organic mushrooms); a sour cream lime drizzle'd oven roasted chicken pizza w/ black beans, cilantro & jalapenos; and a Kalamata and Vermont butter goat cheese'd number with red onions and fire-roasted red peppers called the Co-evolution, which is easy to share because of its intelligent design. Other options include Jay's Heart (garlic oiled white flour and wheat germ-restored bread dough slathered w/ wood-fired cauldron tomato sauce and mozzarella/Parm); and the Somerville Community Flatbread w/ caramelized onions, mushrooms, and "a sprinkle of organic herbs" -- yep, that sounds like the Somerville Community.

Since there're plenty of seats at the bar, FBC's also rocking craft cocktails featuring Gloucester-distilled Beauport Vodka, and organic liquors from other local small batch distilleries, plus 40 taps w/ 20 mostly Mass-based drafts including Pretty Things, Opa Opa, and Berkshire, also the name of the academy you'll end up at if you don't do like Stiles says, though at least you'll be able to chew gum in class.