Hidden resto opens off Union Square

One of the easiest ways to make something more exclusive is to put it in a hard-to-find locale, although to be fair, that didn't really work with Gloucester. Shrewdly hiding their grub down a Union Square alley, Journeyman, opening tomorrow for dinner

A bold first-time endeavor from a husband-wife/historian-sociologist duo (again!), Journeyman serves a fixed weekly menu of locally sourced grub paired with biodynamic wines in an intimate 14-table, 36-seat old pasta sauce factory, skillfully recast to look like your buddy's industrial loft apartment, complete w/ grey concrete block walls, a giant 60-pane front window accented by a floor-to-ceiling herb/edible plant garden housed in 35 stacked wine crates, shelves lined with "books, booze, and bitters," and, built from a salvaged Woodbury Boston piano, a reception desk -- in case you want to play Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting." Top secret opening week menu deets include roasted lamb w/ oats, peas, and favas; eggplant-filled agnolotti; and rhubarb & almond-sided heritage cross-breed pork bellies from North Face Farm, aka Middlebury. There's also smaller deliciousness like fresh cod served w/ zucchini and blueberries, smoked late-season cherry tomatoes, and sweeter takes like summer melon with white chocolate & kaffir lime, plus an as-of-yet-undisclosed secret dessert made from celery, so it should probably be kept secret.

To cleanse the palate, Journeyman's stocking small batched wines from the Valle d'Aoste & Piedmont, scotch/whiskies (Couvreur's, Black Maple Hill Bourbon), and a healthy selection of seasonal microbrews including a Norwegian smoked beer, and Beer of the Gods from High & Mighty, also how people in Gloucester felt, before all the rich people discovered Manchester-by-the-Sea

Photo Credit: William Horne