Much is known about the great spiritual leader Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha: he was born into royalty in Nepal, spent 45 years traveling the Gangetic Plains, and digs hanging all huge outside of PF Changs. Now clueing us in on what he loved to eat, PF Changs Foumami, opening today.Loosely translated to mean "what Buddha finds to be most delicious", Foumami's an upscale FiDi gourmet Asian sammie bar set in an airy white/green tile'd 14-table spot replete w/ wood slat benches/white metal mod chairs that resemble perforated paper, shaded patio seating, and a mid-room island for stand-up dining set below two large brass lights -- proof that eating while standing clearly takes big brass ones. Meaty sammies served on flaky Shaobing bread include a cilantro-sprinkled braised pork loin w/ scallions; a grilled soy garlic marinated ribeye steak topped w/ sauteed onions; and a seared-steamed chicken breast with crisp romaine and kirby cucumber, which, if you're fat and pink, will send you to Dreamland. More handheld deliciousness includes curried chicken with sauteed onions and carrots; a katsu-sauce'd and panko-breaded chicken breast cutlet w/ cabbage; and a slow-cooked scallion-smothered braised beef brisket that's chilled then served, aka brisket a la beer. If soup/salad is more to your liking, the supreme Buddha apparently loves five-spice beef brisket salad w/ watercress, red radish, and a scallion pancake, or a glass noodle chicken salad topped w/ spinach, egg omelet, and wood ears, which Buddha's all about despite the fact his are gigantic and cement.