Gage & DeSoto

Usually people know you're a cyclist because of a rolled up pant leg or the need to freshen up in the bathroom after arriving to a party, but unfortunately that's also how people know you're addicted to drugs. Get the sweet bike cred, without 5 am text messages asking "whatcha doin?", with Gage & Desoto

From a Boston ex-pat (now living in NYC) who taught himself screen printing as a creative outlet, G&D is a cycling-inspired line (named after characters from the '70s TV show Emergency) of hand-screened, graphic tees heavy on simple imagery/iconography that pays subtle homage to cycling heroes of yesteryear, but inexplicably not 1994 Tour de France point winner Djamolidine Abdoujaparov of Uzbekistan (robbery!). Tip of the cap designs include the light blue Tommy depicting the face of legendary '60s cyclist Tommy Simpson atop a black/white checkerboard; the white Team Tote, a tribute to Team Saxo that reads "JJ&Jens&Fabian &Stuart" in navy blue; and The Gruppo, a black short sleeve that offers a shout-out to the classic Corsa-Record brand w/ a silver "C-Record" across the front in Helvetica, impressing font-conscious chicks into getting bold. There're also graphics-heavy styles like Assembly, a grey tee showing a sweet illustrated diagram of disassembled bike parts; the Icons, which dons a chart of the obscure mid-80s symbols that Campagnolo used to identify different components they've made; and an appropriately colored yellow short sleeve celebrating Greg LeMond's victory in the greatest Tour de France finish ever by touting the image of a black-striped cyclist wearing purple shades called 1989 -- also a follow up Orwell novel uncannily predicting that Big Brother would be super into Bobby Brown.

If you still need more bike-related tees (and who doesn't!), G&D recently partnered w/ a Beantown buddy to unveil a new line called Cassette that features stylized drawings of tire treads and derailleurs, as well as offering a nod to Belgium's cycling history with a print of its signature breakfast food of champions, the waffle -- which will help explain why the white residue on your upper lip is actually powdered sugar.