Gitman Vintage

The early 80s were awesome, as evidenced by crazy fashions, rampant drug use, and the fact that you could unabashedly poop yourself, because you were two. Retroishly pooping on boring gear, Gitman Vintage.

Reaching way back into history (to the Fall of 1980) for inspiration, these button-down shirt specialists are continuing to relive that decade with a Fall/Winter collection of plaids, tartans, flannels, and offbeat tattersalls all based on the lines, materials, and retro details from shirts they first produced the year Reagan pummeled Carter and people recorded songs by putting a tape recorder next to the radio and waiting for the DJ to shut the hell up! Seriously, "Maneater" is starting. Annndd record. While anchored by classic double-weight cotton oxfords that are cut to fit slim in three traditional colors (blue, white, gray), there's also a gray/navy/yellow Madras weight big-check plaid w/ narrow split yoke and box pleats; and a solid indigo heavy chambray long sleeve w/ button-down back collar and locker loop for easy hanging -- like the victims at the Salem Witch Trials, except...oooh. Too soon? Bolder designs include a multi-colored (pink, blue, red) plaid brushed flannel w/ v-stitch front breast pocket; a deep brown paisley with beige/white amoeba pattern and chalk buttons; and a limited edition white oxford with double-track stitching that's adorned w/ old black and green labels from shirts of years past called "walk thru history", because your drive thru history is already well documented, fatty.

GV also helps you dress up your new-old shirt with a collection of classy slim cut flannel ties in distinct plaids -- which you could've never pulled off in the 80s, mostly because of your poorly developed dexterity and propensity to put things in your mouth.