Glyph Cue

For centuries, nerds have perpetuated their own stereotypes, impatiently explaining how they modchipped your Sega Saturn, translating hilarious puns into Klingon, and aerodynamically designing javelins to jive with Lamar's unique limp-wristed throwing style. Turning all four of their eyes to the street(wear), Glyph Cue

From a geekily obsessed typography buff and graphic designer in the hood mecca that is Portland, ME, Glyph Cue (representing "a silent dialogue btw the eyes and the mind") is a line of streetwear tees drawing from the "rich history of graphic syntax" along w/ sacred geometry, symmetry, and other college math terms, which their site describes in a Mean Girls Mathlete Kevin Gnapoor-styled mashup of 90s street slang, rapper shout-outs, and zealous dorkese. Some highlights

Big Bang: On this black tee w/ hundreds of royal/cyan circles within circles, they say: "We spent countless hours prototyping this revolutionary new technology. For the first time ever, tee graphic animation (*Kidding). Stare at the center and watch the perimeter begin to cycle. Can't stop. Won't stop". Please stop

Fulcrum Sway: This white number w/ black, blue, & white yin-yangs creatively invokes the thoughtful "YinYangYO!" -- interestingly, also the name of Diddy's new, heavily branded religion

Space Station: For the astronomy fans in da house, GC speaks on this black tee w/ white/blue star constellations, pointing out that "this shirt bangs in low light scenarios!", but once under full illumination, it dives under its Star Wars bedspread

Going forward, Glyph plans on more bold graphic apparel offerings, each designed to celebrate a "dedicated color palette" (this season's "Blue"), with next Fall/Winter listed as "___", funnily enough, also the exact response to their growly gibberish puns.