Greg Stones Art

Sometimes starting down one path can lead you to another less likely one, a point Robert Frost said best in that thing he wrote about Britney Spears, The Crossroads Less Traveled. Putting the fruits of that journey on your walls, Greg Stones.

A Bates College grad who majored in Studio Art and now lives in RI, GS was a traditional technical artist whose landscapes and "lonely" self-portraits unexpectedly intersected the humor path, and he now produces a hilarious collection of exquisite watercolor paintings, Giclee prints, and books that depict narrative scenes of monsters, zombies, animals, and random naked chicks, leading to the question, how did Greg Stone know your imaginary high school posse? Limited edition, light-fast prints from his zombie series include "Zombies Hate Technology" which features a black suit and tie-wearing zombie holding up the arm of a retreating robot; "Zombies Hate Clowns", depicting a zombie about to hit a balloon-proffering clown in the head with a hammer as they walk through a wheat field; and "Zombies Hate Hippies", an image of a zombie throwing a long-haired, bearded dude across a farm in what was most likely an earlier, more enjoyable form of ultimate frisbee. Sheep and penguins also get top billing in pieces like "Sheep Following Reaper", which portrays two white sheep in a lush green field trailing behind the grim reaper; "Five Penguins, Sock Monkey" showing a penguin shooting a red-capped grey sock monkey with a revolver; and "Sheep Escaping Big Foot" which depicts sasquatch desperately grabbing at a floating sheep tethered to a red balloon, in an effort to keep him from yeting away.

In addition to two books entitled Zombies Hate Stuff and Goodbye, Penguins, GS also peddles a series depicting women flashing a variety of subjects including a moose, baseball player, clown, and mermaid, as well as one of a woman wearing a flowing blue dress watching a purple, three-eyed tentacled mutant abduct her boyfriend, an image Robert Frost lovingly captured in The Generations of (X) Men.