The Hank Job

When you screw up with someone you love, you can grovel for forgiveness -- or, more entertainingly, keep on doing terrible things until your flaws become endearing. Watch a guy take Path #2 as far as it'll go, on the new season of CALIFORNICATION on SHOWTIME, this Sunday right after Dexter.

Thrillist - SHOWTIMEWhen last we left off, writer's-blocked protagonist "Hank" (David Duchovny) was driving away from the Mother Of His Child's wedding to another man -- pretty depressing, until the MOHC blew off her freshly minted husband and jumped into Hank's car, wedding dress and all. You'd think her change of heart was due to Hank turning all saintlike and boring, but not so much: at season's end, he was still the kind of guy who'd steal your dog, vomit on your priceless art, have stoned sex in your bed, and generally piss you off until you had no choice but to nut-punch him at a book reading. The story picks up again this Sunday, when we'll find out if Hank holds his true love's heart, or goes back to his lady-killing, dog-snatching ways. Or, possibly, both.

To get a taste, peep the preview below, or watch all of the premiere episode at As for the rest of the season, you can get SHOWTIME -- which'll also give you heapings of Weeds, Dexter, and Inside the NFL -- right now for just $7.99 a month, saving you from knocking on the doors of everyone you've wronged and begging for forgiveness just so you can sponge off their cable box.

Check out the video below for a sneak peak, or watch the premiere episode in its entirety at

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