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Published On 10/05/2010 Published On 10/05/2010

There's a certain thrill that comes with getting something for free, unless it's another copy of Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus, because, frankly, your Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus bookshelf is full, thank you very much. Giving you thrill-worthy gratis calls, Free Phone2Phone.

From a former telecom exec/ investment banker unconvinced that the 1984 Ma Bell breakup did enough to foster phone competition, FP2P is a just-launched non-VoIP service that lets US residents make free five-minute domestic/international long distance calls from any phone locally in over 200 towns across the country, hopefully none of which play host to your Aunt Trudy. Here's how the madness works: after entering the beta guest code "1984" (cleverly, the year telecom was deregulated) to launch the site, find/dial one of the 200 local access numbers (1.617.963.8394 in the Hub), listen to a 10-second ad (freedom has its cost!), and then dial the number you are trying to call; at the 5 minute mark, you'll hear a series of beeps at which point you have 30 seconds to wrap it up, also the time limit you're given before your girlfriend turns over & throws on Thintervention with Jackie Warner. While all calls must originate in the US, you can currently ring landlines in over 57 countries (although the list is growing) including Monaco, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, as well as cell phones in China, Singapore and even India, though you could probably also do that by calling customer service.

FP2P's also planning to roll out a whole slew of additional services in the near future including voice texting, which men totally love, but whew, don't try that on a woman!



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