Minimalist prints for your inner Roger Ebert

Good movies are often made even more memorable because of great lines, like Scarface with "Say Hello To My Little Friend", or, you know, all that cocaine. Using literal lines to peddle sweet movie prints, Shoot the Glass.

Named after the memorable Hans Gruber line, STG's a series of minimalist alternate movie prints that boil down the overall messages of classic films into one overarching image or event -- so, for example, Fatal Attraction would be boiled down to...borderline personality disorder, or something. Why, is there a better example? Renditions from as-seen-on-TBS faves include Home Alone, cleverly depicted by Culkin's weapon of choice, two swinging paint cans; The Shining, summed up w/ a maze of brown & gray labyrinthine geometric hexagons; and James Cameron's Titanic, characterized by four diagonally shaded two-toned portals slowly sinking below the water line, which would be a metaphor for Billy Zane's career, if he didn't save it with Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. For fans of a threesome, STG sums up the original Star Wars trilogy with a Death Star surrounded clock-face-style by X-Wings and TIE Fighters portrayed as black, white, and red (reppin' Luke's "Red Five") triangles; and Back to the Future which showcases each flick's timeline with a series of interconnected dots joined by curved lines, but not Curves lines, as those women-only workout gyms rarely get crowded.

Because you enjoy more than just dramedies, there're also images like the ESP-testing three red wavy lines from Ghostbusters, and the half-full glass of water from Jurassic Park, which would've had even more memorable lines if it wasn't just sitting there shaking.