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Howl at the Moon

If Billy Joel taught us anything, it's that people love to sing along to folksy songs played on a piano, and when it comes to fires, deny, deny, deny. Heeding Billy's first lesson, Howl at the Moon, soft opening Thursday at 9pm.Humbly billed as "The World's Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Dueling Piano Bar", HATM is bringing its raucous music show to the Hub, setting up shop in this two-floor FiDi space (formerly the very short-lived Exotic Sushi) fittingly equipped with two pianos, a massive 32-seat island bar, a sleek downstairs lounge/dance floor with white columns, curtain'd walls, and a stainless steel drink station, plus dark wood/exposed brick hung with electric guitars -- also the pitch line given to HBO execs in an elevator by C.C. Deville. Foodwise, they're slinging a limited palette of apps/sammies/pizzas including four types of sliders (short rib, chicken, pulled pork, cheeseburger); lemon/tarragon-dipped artichoke fritters; and a plate of chipotle citrus braised mini pork shanks, dangerous deliciousness you should watch out for in the (pig) pens. Beer list is standard, while signature cocktails include the Beam and cranberry'd Stag Cooler; the Purple Rain w/ Acai berry spirits and DeKuyper Razzmatazz; and the X-Rated liqueur, orange, and vanilla vodka'd X-Boyfriend, which is probably what you'll become if you order it. If you feel even more crazy, they've got big, 24oz-ers like the Dr. Feelgood (raspberry and lemon rums, Grenadine); an arsenal of vodka bombs; and a solid selection of 86oz Howlin' Buckets that includes the Adios Mofo, which mixes many of the same ingredients as a Long Island, which Billy Joel's taught us plenty about, though not how being from Hicksville makes you a Downtown man.

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