There's something to be said for the unbridled idealism of youth, for trying to change the world through intellectual discourse, or creative expression, or Dahn yoga. Who cares if it's a cult if you can almost reach... it. For sweet gear that won't make you wear white/financially extort you, check Ideologie. Birthed by friends from Suffolk U, Ideologie is a well-intentioned organic clothing company that produces low-impact, eco-friendly "mind altering fashion" marked by a range of colorful, limited edition tees featuring original artwork from local artists and profound quotes from famous figures throughout history, suggesting the minds getting altered are those of the ladies you're trying to pick up in Central Square. Fresh looks include Celebration, a light purple Bon Vivant tee featuring screensaver-reminiscent pink/yellow/blue spiral shapes across the front; a white short-sleeve with a funky multi-colored design on the left side below the mantra "Life is the artistic ride of livin n lovin"; and a teal v-neck with a black rooster being followed by three stick-legged hearts called "What came first the chicken or the love?" –- a question only Colonel Sanders' wife knows the answer to. Other heady designs w/ iconic sayings include Proactive Approach, a green tee that depicts a bullhorn wielding stick figure and the Ghandi quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world"; the psychedelic Jimi's Prudence showcasing a brown/yellow/purple sketched contemplative Hendrix face and the creed, "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens"; and a bright yellow number with a linear black design on the front and the quote "Remember your humanity and forget the rest," called Mr. Einstein's Scholarly Advice -- which, like everything else he did, was probably stolen from Tesla, 'cause Einstein was a jerk. To feel even better about spending cash, Ideologie donates two percent of every tee sale to a non-profit that fights global poverty, and plans to travel the world to help people in need, even if that just means sitting lightly on your back.