Littlenecks Bar & Grill

Weymouthites in search of good food have always faced a difficult quandary: get dolled up and trek into the city, or just say screw it, and head back to Fuddruckers to hilariously mispronounce its name again. Let Fuddruckers nurture its fragile pride, and hit Littlenecks, softly opening tomorrow.

A second offering from the owner of New Bedford's Waterfront Grille, LN's a classy casual Asian-influenced, seafood-heavy temple of modern American grub (with a full sushi menu) in an expansive darkly-wooded space that features striped wood floors, exposed brick, a statue of a mermaid sitting on the bar, 17-flat screens (yay, Weymouth!), and a massive 75 seat lounge separated from the dining room by an "expedition" sushi bar that keeps annoyingly trying to show everyone its pictures. From the sea there's a lobster mayo-doused crispy panko crusted salmon w/ avocado; a seared rare Tuna Mignon w/ spicy cucumbers and soy sauce; and a peanut sauce-covered sticky soy stir-fried shrimp dish called the Peanut Shrimp Bowl -- which is traditionally played on Jan. 1 between Georgia Tech, and midgets. For more meaty endeavors, LN serves up a full rack of slow roasted baby back ribs in a zesty BBQ sauce; a grilled 12oz choice sirloin topped w/ red onions and a dab of herb butter; and a soy soaked crunchy vegetable chicken stir fry w/ scallions and mango, who hasn't done anything funny since he left SNL, and that's not even a joke.

If raw fish and small plates are more your raison d'etre, there's a traditional selection of nigiri/makimono sushi, and apps like spicy coconut mussels and a crab avocado bomb, or as it's pronounced in Weymouth, "Wait. What the hell am I eating?".