Logan Faerber Art

Portsmouth, RI is notable for a variety of reasons, all of which involve confusing it with the one in New Hampshire. Now finally giving you something to remember it for, Logan Faerber Art.

From the hand of a C'bridge-based illustrator who hails from that beautiful Portsmouth, LFA's a diverse collection of colorful comic illustrations that captures the "quirky world that lives in my head" and showcases everything from musicians and vikings to dinosaurs and dogs wearing swimsuits, but enough about Paris Hilton -- heyoooo! Highlights include Eskimo Pinup (two polar bears attacking a block of ice with a frozen buxom bikini-donned woman), a red-feathered/ goggle-wearing space raptor toting two guns on a propelled surf board, and a man in the circus diving through a flaming hoop while a tiger cracks a whip called Tiger Ringmaster, also a series of instructional videos in which Woods helps you pick the perfect ring, then bangs your fiance. Others include Filet of Sole (a Skeletor-esque Grim Reaper preparing baked fish by an oven), a tattooed Hell's Angel on a tiny, pink, training-wheeled girl's bike, and one in which a teacher hands a student back an F paper while shooting lasers from her eyes called Stupid Ray, to which Mark McGrath replied, "it's actually pronounced Sugar, thank you very much"

LFA also inks a print inspired by the film Inception, and redesigns music mag illustrations of artists like Green Day, Bob Dylan, and No Doubt, also what everyone in Portsmouth has that you'll remember them once you visit Market Square and the USS Albacore Museu - wait, that's also in NH? Crap, that place is awesome, huh?