London's Here

Dearest Subscriber,We warned you. Not Mayan-style with rune-inscribed jungle temples, but we did send an email. Now its subject line has come to pass, because Thrillist London is here.Tell all your British friends that Thrillist London is no longer mere fantasy, like a Martian colony, or the "electric car". It's live, and ready to impregnate their inboxes with the latest/greatest The Big Smoke has to offer: a bar whose drinks will level you with a flying head-scissor, shirts that look as good at the office as they would on a mattress, or a man who'll show up at your door bearing armloads of meat (not as alarming as it sounds).Also, tell your pond-hopping American friends/assorted Frenchmen, Swedes, and Luxembourgians-- and of course, sign yourself up as well. Just because ancient prophets didn't predict you becoming irritatingly cosmopolitan, doesn't mean it can't happen.