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Big fat servings at Mass Chicken

Everyone loves the written-off superstar who returns to dominance: Kurt Warner worked out religiously to get back with the Cards, then lead them to the Super Bowl, and Canadian rap impresario Snow. Pseudo-resurrected to dominate the 'bridge, Mass Chicken

Five years after Rotisserie House's closing left a gaping Cambridge poultry-void, its former chef has triumphantly re-upped in the same locale w/ MC, bringing his own Persian slant (kabobs, other "choice Middle Eastern favorites", etc) to the bygone RH stylings of roto-birds and fixins, all in a streamlined dining area decorated with obligatory flat-screens and should-be-obligatory ceramic roosters. The edible fun starts with classics like a 1/4 or 1/2 bird with cornbread and your choice of sides (garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, shirazi tomato, cucumber salad, etc), and a sides-/bread-aided handcrafted meatloaf plate, the likes of which you haven't enjoyed since you popped by Will Ferrell's mom's place on the way to a funeral. They've also got Persian specialties like kubideh kabob (two intensely marinated ground chicken or beef skewers w/ rice & grilled tomato), and comfort comestibles like Buffalo wings, baklava, and "not-from-a-box" mac and cheese -- because it's always best to get out in front of nasty pasta gossip

Since the People's Republic of C-bridge now lets you eat/drink outside, Chicken's planning to add sidewalk seating -- because everybody knows Wade Boggs ain't about to make his dark-meat-destroying comeback indoors.