New England's make-your-own cereal company

When it came to picking breakfast cereal as a kid, you usually had two options: the gross healthy stuff your dad ate, or the sugary crap your dad also ate, but told you not to tell your mom about, or he'd move away and take the swing set. For cereal choices that won't result in unhappy childhood memories, grab [me] & goji.

From three health-conscious buddies outta Dover, NH with an affinity for "cereal couture", M&G is an online breakfast bodega that lets you choose from over 50 all natural/organic ingredients to mastermind your own capsule of hand-mixed cereal without ever being guilted into participating in the Harvest Coop aisle 7 drum circle. Designing breakfast is stupid simple: start by drop/dragging one of nine bases (samurai wheat, golden granola) into the bowl, then fortify it with up to 18 enhancers (goji oats, cacao nibs, spelt flakes), 14 dried fruits (apple, coconut, currant), and a crazy slew of seeds and nuts (pumpkin and flax to pine and Brazil), many of which spent much of the late 90s at McLean. After concocting your canister of morning deliciousness, give it a name and -- using the newest feature -- upload that special picture to adorn the package Wheaties-style; M&G will then hand-mix 11 cups of your new favorite treat, and in less than a week, your cereal is at the door, like a Jehovah's Witness except considerably less stringy and gamey.

If you're creatively challenged, M&Gs got you covered with a solid selection of gluten free and ready-to-buy mixes designed for special occasions, kids, or by function (cleansing, protein, fiber); they also offer gift certificates and a subscription based cereal-of-the-month club, a nice gift idea for pops, wherever he and your swing set are now.