Lynch completes the Ft Pt trifecta

There's something to be said for starting a project and seeing it through to completion, though there's also something to be said for demolishing half an old Filene's, going bankrupt and then kind of just leaving it. Showing Boston how to finish the damn job, Menton, opening Saturday.The highly anticipated third and final Ft. Point spot from the acclaimed chef behind Sportello and Drink, Menton is a "jackets recommended" fine-dining French-Italian hybrid serving a four-course prix fixe and seven-course chef's tasting menu in an elegant green/grey/brown space replete with a cozy couch-laden lounge, 60-seat mirrored dining room w/ Italian wood veneered walls, modern art from a former No 9 Park bartender, old-ass Iranian carpets, and an exclusive 14-seat private chef's table (accessible by walking through the kitchen) with a windowed view of the entire culinary operation, which thankfully doesn't include Cavity Sam and his hilarious red-buzzer nose. A sneak peek of the as-of-yet unreleased menu includes Terrine of Foie Gras de Canard w/ truffle and muscat grape; Whole Roasted Squab plated w/ radishes and pea tendrils; and a Perigueux-sauced, parsley root and petite onion-abetted Duet of Beef, also performed by Carnie Wilson and Meatloaf... the food! For lighter fare/desserts, there'll be options like a caviar and black radish-topped Maine crab salad dribbled with a pear/celery jus, and a chocolate glace Banana Miso Tart w/ Meyer Lemon, peanuts, and a bad habit of always ending her nights downstairs at Clery's. To wash it all down, Menton boasts an extensive list of old world and small vintner American wines including a Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir from Sonoma, and an entire page of Alsace Rieslings from Trimbach, also a line of slimming girdles you haven't been able to find since those government fat cats closed down Filene's.