Michael Rapa Illustrations

Things you know about MIT: Boston's technology hub, hilariously complicated pranks, not a lot of girls. Things you don't know about MIT: it's an acronym! Oh wait, you knew that? Damn. Well, here's something you don't: they've got tech dudes penning sick art, like Michael Rapa.

Currently an MIT tech support specialist, MR is a Quincy-living illustrator who digitally draws a wild/funny collection of animated prints with a heavy focus on insects, miniature people, sea animals, and robot gang violence, all of which were Gary Busey's majors in junior college. The arachnid series includes Mosquito Farm, a brown/beige/gray print that depicts a mobile farm house built for "an almost parasitic race of microscopic humans" on the back of a flying mosquito; Bumble Brigade, showcasing a mutated bumble bee carrying a three-masted pirate ship; and the marbled, earth toned Cricket Communications portraying a giant brown cricket with a full radio tower on his back complete with mini picnic table and BBQ grill, but sadly no bar to mix up Grasshoppers. Robotwise, there's Love Accessory, a tall gray 'bot hoisting a television with a heart on the screen above its head; an antennae-equipped squid wrapping its electric-plug tentacles around a toothy whale, aptly titled Robot Squid vs Robot Whale, a Summer Blockbuster; and Roboticide, depicting a yellow robot shooting a blue one in the head with a revolver, because "in a war of complementary colors there can only be one victor" -- this isn't your fight, purple!

If you're less into 'bots, there's Squid Invasion, with a blue jeans-clad, giant-headed squid running away from a police car; and a yellow caped superhero with a smiling triangular head of cheese giving the double guns, called Laser Cheese, or as they refer to it on MIT's campus, "something we invented in the 80s".