M.J. Ready

Coming from the country to the city is an exciting adventure, unless you're that pansy country mouse and you continually freak out when eating cake and jelly around dogs. Fearlessly making that trek, M.J. Ready International Bistro, now open.

From a husband/wife duo that closed down their Thai restaurant in Dover, NH to make a move to the big city, MJR is a new breakfast-thru-dinner counter-service nook in the Arcade Building that serves an eclectic, primarily Asian menu complemented by pastas and wraps in a quaint blue/white 4-table spot that features a clay tile floor, glass pastry case, several pieces of Asian art, and interior foliage, which -- unlike your own -- isn't filled with random crumbs from naked snacking. Asian specialties include favorites like stir-fried shrimp doused in garlic sauce and mixed w/ broccoli, carrots, and baby corn; a Beef Pad Ka Prao stir fry w/ red/green pepper, mushrooms, and green beans; and spicy Thai-sauced ground beef over roasted rice, red onions, and lemon grass called the Lap, although if you sit on this, the only thing that you should wish for for Christmas is pants. MJR also fixes up lunch staples like a roast beef and provolone panini w/ lettuce/tomato; a chicken beef curry wrap with a Thai salad on the side; and a create-your-own pasta plate with a choice of five starches (penne, gnocchi, etc), five sauces (marinara, alfredo), and a selection of meats so deep you'll think you just blacked out and pledged Sigma Chi, but got in this time.

If you're looking for breakfast anytime, there's standard fare like pancakes w/ any style egg, sausage, and coffee, as well as an a la carte menu, build-your-own omelettes, and freshly baked muffins and jelly, but keep it together, because there's no cake.