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Parish Cafe and Bar Tremont

They say two is better than one, except if you're forced to do it in Fenway, during the seventh inning stretch, while dudes keep knocking on the stall. Crapping on all other South End sandwich locales, the second offering from Parish Café, opening Monday

The highly anticipated location deux from Back Bay's temple to eccentric sammies, Parish Café Tremont serves up the same epic lineup of renowned-chef-created sandwiches, apps, and comfort food plus 80 beers in a muted beige/brown 100-seat corner spot replete w/ 35 mahogany tables, a long orangish-hued marble-top bar, and retractable garage door windows -- so you can park yourself at a table, and pray your brother's Blink 182 cover-band isn't practicing. Favorite sammies include the Regal Regis (soy and balsamic-marinated sliced flank steak/portobellos on Romano cheese crusted French bread), Rowdy's Famous Chicken (smoked bacon and melted Swiss/cheddar-topped breaded cutlet served w/ a side of chipotle aioli), and an omelette-style egg on a baguette covered w/ fresh goat cheese and julienned veggies known as Elephant Walking on Eggs, or as your mom calls it, "a huge mistake to have your circus-themed b-day party on Easter". There's also a cilantro-infused Mexican meatball sub smothered w/ pepper jack and a jalapeno/chipotle au jus; the Steak and Blue, a roquefort butter and red onion-topped rare tenderloin on blue cheese bread; and an open-faced Monterey Jack-topped tuna salad tossed w/ diced onions in a roasted red pepper mayo on toasted wheat called The Alternative, which resents even the thought of walking past a Gap.

If you've an aspersion to handheld food, you can still pair one of the 20 beers on tap with tasty entrees/salads like bechamel lasagna, baked mac and cheese, and an arugula, goat cheese, and caramelized almond salad named "The Boss" -- a delicious choice, assuming you're not "Born to Run(s)".