Pizzeria Posto

Reversing a curse can be a painstaking task involving smart baserunning, clutch hitting, and Hermione Granger's encyclopedic knowledge of Expelliarmus. Looking to replicate that '04/non-muggle mojo, Pizzeria Posto, open now.

From a chef-turned-first-time owner eager to break the location's curse (four spots in five years), PP's a modern take on the "classic Italian wood-fire pizzeria and enoteca" plating a mélange of small bites, pastas, and pizzas in an airy high-ceiling'd "woodsy-meets-industrial" themed space replete with exposed brick/stone accents, floor-to-ceiling windows, a black/dark grey slate bar, an exposed wood fire oven, and a private dining room behind dual sliding doors (which will Gwyneth take this time??). Handsome specialty pies include the Prosciutto Cotto (Gorgonzola picante, port sciroppo, arugula); the Fior di latte, pecorino, and oregano Bianca; and the Roast Pork topped w/ ricotta, red onion, rapini, and a soft farm egg, which just isn't up to the daily rigors of such a bucolic lifestyle. For pasta and secondi piatti, there's a braised spring rabbit tagliatelle w/ fava and peas; a Tuesday night-only chicken and sausage cacciatore; bucatini "amatriciana" w/ guanciale (or bacon); and a chard and savory herb'd veal "agnolotti dal plin" or veal ravioli with a pinch, which it learned from watching Italian guys next to college girls on public transportation.

If you'd rather sip and snack, PP's extensive wine offerings and craft cocktails pair nicely with an eclectic selection of antipasti like wood grilled eggplant w/ white anchovy, Nonna's meatballs "al forno", and sea salted crispy pig ears, also what Hermione'll curse you with if she catches you eating Harry's birthday cake.