Print Brigade

While focus can help certain artists prosper, some of the greatest thrive on a lack of it, like supposed ADD sufferer Leonardo da Vinci, or OJ Simpson, who proved he could excel in the backfield, on the silver screen, and in the art of totally not killing anybody, ever. Putting that lack of focus on t-shirts, Print Brigade

A spankin' new line from a Cambridge-based artist/graphic dude, PB offers hand-designed tees and art covering an eclectic range of topics like cartoon monsters, death metal, weapon-toting marine life, rap slogans, and harmless statements of unadulterated opinion. Choice selections commence w/ tees like the raspberry Rick Ross-esque, bubble-lettered "Every Day I am Hustlin'", a white "Blood Guts and Gore" number w/ a knife-packing "killer jellyfish" on the sleeve, and the black & crimson blood-splattered "Tribute", featuring Glenn Danzig's face between his initials, suggesting the word "GOD", and definitely alerting mothers that their children holding your hand probably isn't a great idea. There's also the purple "Collage", w/ robots, monsters, knives, and voice-bubbled exclamations, a black "Fame, Fame, Fatal Fame" w/ an angry cartoonish red ghost, and the aptly green "I Like to Ride Bikes", which makes up for its lack of macabre references by refusing to wear a helmet

If you hate wearing shirts, they've also got signed/numbered art prints featuring a diverse range of topics, from lyrics to the Misfit's "Horror Business", to one exclaiming "The Internet Does Not Love You", a subtle reminder that your laser focus on Facebook status updates is making your friends want to do things to you that OJ would never dream of.