Quoddy Trail Moccasins

For a man to truly understand you, he must walk a mile in your moccasins, but how's he gonna get to know you if all you have are Dunks? Open up your heart, with Quoddy Trail Moccasins.

From a family of handsome moccasin-craftspeople in Downeast Maine, QTM completes every step of the creation process (cutting, stitching, sewing... skiving?) by hand to birth the signature one-piece vamp used by all their shoes, which wraps around the entire foot like a loving cocoon, sans the shirtless cheekiness of Steve Guttenberg. Ultra-comfy foot sheathings start with lowtops like the Dawson, a rugged soft-bottomed Chromepak leather model that comes in two sole styles (hefty double bottom or lightweight single bottom), and the dressier Canoe, featuring boat-shoe-ish nickel eyelets around the collar, a cushion-rubber boat sole, and "handsewn tips", reminding you of the pillow your Nana gave you that said "Don't Eat Yellow Snow". They've also got several styles of their top-of-the-line front-tie Grizzly, all of which have padded footbeds and thick, hand sewn leather outsoles, and come in premium-grade game hides like American Bison w/ Tobacco Gold Deerskin, North American Elk, and Vanilla Moosehide, which gets a sheepskin interior made from Curly Merino wool, because Menino wool proved unfit to stand up to intense friction, or the unions.

They've also got hi-top action like the six-eyelet Grizzly boot w/ deerskin lining, and the cinnamon Chromepak leather Ankle boot lined with "sumptuous sheepskin", from which said man will intimately learn of your delicate cankles.