Graffiti might be the expressive medium of this generation, but covering your apartment's walls with tags makes you look like you're living on cat food and Glade. Instead, marry that edge to the gentile urbanity of the lamp, with a unit from Re-Surface. RS is a boutique factory and design studio that hand-crafts affordable, handmade "lighting and interior decor objects" using transparent photographic prints of street art, chipped brick walls, and other beautifully decrepit examples of a city gone to hell. Fresh pieces include the 2" diameter ceramic A-Light in styles like North6th (heavily tagged brick wall), Kent (rusted and tagged metal fence), and Keap, a close-up shot of a rusted-out lock holding together two chains, a nice reminder for your longtime GF of the bleak foreverness of marriage. Other objects include the (5" diameter) hanging Hi-Light pendant lamp, and the (9" diameter) More Light, a bigger version of the pendant that includes both graffiti'd shades and a close-up photo of wood titled "Noble" (hopefully, this too will remind your girlfriend of something). If graffiti offends you, go for the SOLO pendant light, a re-mix of the classic "microphone as light fixture" that emits a soft "disco-like" glow -- great for hanging over your dining room table, for when gentile urbanity means Saturday's Fancy Feast.