Fleming's Red Sox Limo Package

When it comes to getting to Fenway, your options are usually limited: pay a random guy $50 to box your car into an alley, or pack Tokyo-commuter style onto the Green Line and risk standing next to that creepy dude whose hands are anything but idle. Offering you a third, decidedly more comfortable option, Red Sox Limo Packages

Just launched for this upcoming season, FRSLP is a slick all-inclusive package deal for you and 9 buddies that includes a three-course steak dinner, box seats, and travel to and from Fenway in a sweet stretch limo, which you'd previously only experienced during the gratis ride to Hurricane Betty's in the Woo. Here's how it goes down: feverishly find friends (and booze), then look smug as a Brewster Coach limo tricked out w/ 3 LCD TVs, extra large coolers, and a mixer-laden bar will take you to Fleming's for a (beer/wine inclusive) meal featuring rib eye, double thick New Zealand lamp chops, or filet; for Thrillist readers only, they'll also throw in a full Cold Seafood Tower, which can only be defended by hurriedly stuffing crab legs in your mouth. From there it's over to the field where, donning new Sox hats, you'll kick back in exclusive box seats atop the right field roof deck (with easy access to the Bud bar) to take in the game/awkward filming of "Sox Appeal"; they'll even flash a personalized message to your crew up on the scoreboard, the perfect way to let Chet know you're not planning to pay back those gambling debts.

After watching the Sox win big/lose in the 9th, escape the overflowing throngs on Lansdowne and jump back in the limo to get taken anywhere within 50 miles of the park, or just back to the Kenmore T station, if you'd prefer being that devilish commuter's play thing.