Rent Jungle

Few things in life are as torturous as having to find an affordable apartment in the city, except maybe going to a John Tesh concert, and not having the right shoes on to dance your face off! Skip the first, with Rent Jungle.

Born in the great Midwest, RJ is an ever-expanding rental search engine that mines the Internet for almost 9,000 apartment (and rental house) listings within 30 miles of the Purple Shamrock, ensuring that every Saturday night won't end with a commuter rail ride to mom's house in Hopkinton -- just a lot of them, because where else are you going to get totally free hugs? To find your new pad, simply enter the address/zip where you want to live (or select your college/university) and filter by size (bedrooms, baths); the site will then scour listings from across the world's wide webs (Craigslist,, etc) and populate an easy-to-navigate Gmap with clickable markers that reveal all the open apartments in the area, along w/ their relevant deets, links, and pics, including the street view so you can make sure that situated "across from scenic park" doesn't really mean situated next to the Turkish Twist at Canobie Lake. For those with a cat's curiosity, RJ just launched a new tool that lets you compare your rent to others living in the area, providing the average monthly rent for the 'hood based on size and amenities, as well as a range you should expect to pay -- eliminating the need to rifle through the landlord's mailbox, unless it's just to steal 20% discount cards from Jordan's.

Because you're always poking things, there's also an integrated Facebook app that lets you conduct your apt search in FB with the added functionality of saving places you like, as well as sharing listings with friends and making comments, like, "your apt is sweet, just not as sweet as John Tesh singing 'Emerald Bay', while I ripped it up!"