Remember the days when people coordinated going out with friends by actually calling them on the phone, or, eww, talking to them in person? Well, put another nail in that gross, awful coffin, with RiotVine

From a Northeastern grad/IT guru/obsessive music fan longing for the ease of college livin', RV is a just-launched (and still in beta) Cambridge-based online social event guide that integrates happenings posted on the Internet with relevant Twitter feeds about them, making it easier to pick up on the latest buzz and find out if your friends are actually going, saving you hours of anxiously loitering outside of their apartments pretending to tie your shoe. If you're itching to get out, either search RV by day (today, tomorrow, upcoming) or keyword, and browse through a list of events either posted by other users or aggregated from the world wide webs; once you find out that, say, The Cranberries have a new tour, click on the link to get all the vital deets (where, when, tix), add the show to your calendar, share with friends, and read a stream of Twitter feeds that relay everything from random thoughts about the band, to video links, to free ticket contest offers, or not...because they're for The Cranberries. If you're pimping a party instead, just build an RV event page that showcases all the important info (date, time, venue, price) plus optional image galleries and other fun facts (MP3 links, videos, etc.), then just tweet about it and harness the awesome power of your 13 followers.

While the site's mostly music (over 1,600 concert-related events), RV's gunning to become a wholesale event destination with plans to expand to sports, movies, food, and more, plus add Facebook integration and eventually break out a mobile app -- giving you the freedom to avoid people anywhere you want.

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