Food & Drink

Sami's Wrap 'n' Roll

You have to follow your calling even if you've been distracted for awhile, like Maria leaving the convent to teach the Von Trapp kids about bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, before having intense sexual tension with their father. Following a certain kind of falafel calling, the guy behind Sami's Wrap 'n' Roll, open now.The second offering from a one-time aeronautical engineer who started selling late-night falafel out of a Longwood food truck, SWR is a new Lebanese-style Mediterranean eat-in/takeout spot serving a mix of traditional Middle Eastern plates and wraps in a simple 12-table counter-service space painted bright green/white/peach and decorated w/ large framed photographs of historic sites located in Beirut, which used to be called "the Paris of the Middle East" until Paris got all lame/safe. Meaty specialties include the Steak Barcelona wrap (sirloin and Spanish rice smothered w/ cheese and salsa); Big Sami's Favorite (feta-topped marinated steak kebobs wrapped w/ tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and mint); and a roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauced Big Bird Special, which teaches kids about shapes, colors, and how to get cranberry sauce out of a Big Johnson shirt. They've also got more eclectic deliciousness like Fasoolia (seasoned kidney beans/onions/garlic, simmered in a special recipe tomato sauce and wrapped with rice pilaf), the Avorito roll up (avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese), and a veggie number smothered in salsa/loaded with guac, cucumbers, and rice called the Green Monster, a travesty according to Wade Boggs, since it's not filled with chicken. Or 64 beers. If you're more of a morning person, SWR gets the day kickin' w/ egg platters, breakfast sammies, an omelette burrito, and Belgian waffles, but sadly for Maria, neither crisp apple strudels nor schnitzel with noodles. Or Von Trapp's flugelhorn.