Food & Drink

Skara Grill

Working with your family can be a blessing -- they keep costs down, and you can trust them -- but admittedly, it totally makes sleeping with your boss awkward. Braving that risk, Skara Grill. From a West Roxbury neighborhood mother-father-son-girlfriend quattro, SG, which hilariously means "Grill Grill", serves up traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in an elegantly converted 80-seat ancient Greece-inspired dining room/lounge featuring tin ceilings, a clay shingled bar, and intricately-detailed oil paintings straight from mom's art studio. Specialties from the ambitious menu include a grilled meatloaf-esque Beefteki Burger stuffed w/ onion, oregano, garlic, and covered w/ fresh tomato and feta; Garides Santorini (sautéed jumbo shrimp on a bed of rice and sprinkled with feta); and Youvetsi: braised lamb in a light tomato sauce served over orzo pasta and topped with Kefalotiri cheese that's been shaved – which being Greek and all, is quite a morning routine. For casual after work noshing, GS also serves up small plate tapas-style apps like Dolmadakia (grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs), Melitzanosalata (smoked eggplant w/ a roasted garlic dip), and the fried zucchini, blended cheese, herb, and spice combo'd Kolokithokeftedes, the appetizing closer of choice for spelling bees. If you just want drinks and sweets with the gals, SG stays close to the Aegean, offering Greek beer and wine (Mythos, Alpha, and Hatzi Michalis), as well as Baklava, homemade Greek yogurt, Galaktobouriko, and a rotating list of pastries from the son's girlfriend -- presenting another quandary: how to keep your GF away from sweets when she's your pastry chef.