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Laid-back Lebanese grub in Cambridge

For every overachieving first-generation-American family, there's always a second generation that wants that same success, only wearing sweatpants. For casual 2nd-gen dining, check out Sofra

From the people behind vaunted resto Oleana, Sofra is an infinitely more chilled out Middle Eastern sandwich shop & bakery, sporting an open kitchen and Boston's only Sagge -- essentially a griddle shaped like an upside down wok that crisps and stretches flatbread like some kind of Lebanese inquisition. Mainstays are stuffed flatbread sandwiches (oregano sausage with cumin/orange/olives, spinach three cheese) and chunky schawarma wraps in either chicken/garlic sauce or a lamb/tomato-confit/pomegranate get-up whose antioxidants'd make you feel ten years younger, if they weren't slathered on an artery-invading pile of meat. For those with portion control issues, they're also offering small bites of hot and cold mezze (Syrian style hummus, whipped feta w/ sweet & hot peppers, zucchini fritters, smoky eggplant w/ pine nuts, etc) and a 3-4 option hummus bar, for those still mourning the loss of Old Country Buffet

Sofra's also slinging cookies (Egyptian shortbread, oatmeal date) and sweets (mom's fruit tart), and they've got breakfast covered too, with pastries (almond cake, Lebanese croissant w/ za'atar) and "hot stuffs": hot-pocket style delights loaded with fillings like fried egg w/ pita crumbs, and bacon w/ haloumi -- luscious gut -bombs that'll ensure that, even if you're still an overachiever, you're gonna need an elastic waistband.