Tremont St boutique brings style to your workout

It's been said that you should do for a living what you love to do in your free time, but good luck trying to make ends meet worrying. Turning their hobby into a career, South End Athletic Company, open now.

The brainchild of two former BC track buddies both eager to switch careers (from sales and accounting, respectively), SEAC is a sleek "technical athletic store with a lifestyle flavor" stocking a broad range of stylish but hardcore running apparel, shoes, fitness accessories, and casual tees/hoodies in a white-walled, black-floored space that features track lighting, a slick metal cable shoe wall, and a framed poster from The Prefontaine Classic, or as it's known now, "That Movie Where Jared Leto Has a Mustache That Also Stars Al Bundy" Classic. Exclusive tech gear/kicks include the bright orange, high-visibility Saucony ViZi Pro SonicLite zip-up w/ flashing LED on the roadside sleeve; the Brooks HVAC Seamless pullover w/ thermal regulating silver-infused yarn that transfers heat around the body; and the black/red Saucony ProGrid Razor trail shoe w/ zippered waterproof fabric bootie, which, thanks to all the running, you can totally stand a wine glass on. SEAC also rocks more casual wear like their collection of store-logo'd recycled cotton blended tees/hoodies, a solid selection of sun cheaters from Maui Jim to custom-designed vented Oakley Jawbones in black/white; colorful watches from Freestyle; and an Oakley backpack equipped w/ lockable cable zipper pulls and a compression molded top storage compartment, called the Kitchen Sink, probably because you can pee in it.

More than just gear though, SEAC also analyses your gait to ensure proper shoe setup; maintains its own once-a-week running/social club that offers coaching, track workouts, and post-run beverages; and down the road, even plans to have in-store yoga, which may be a problem because one of your primary worries is that downward facing dogs are choking on your bottle caps.