Although it came with a robust case of athlete's foot, frosh year of college offered limitless hangout possibilities: playing 64, Napstering tons of alleged Phish covers, and finally finding other kids that shared your willingness to be seen using Devil Stix. Turn your current, less-contagious world into a dorm, with Sponty

From a Cambridge-based development team (w/ "Go Red Sox" randomly inserted into their FAQs), Sponty's a just-launched invite-only beta site serving as a dashboard of availability for casual social events by displaying your own/your friends' "hangoutability", which surprisingly, is not correlated with wangoutability. It works like this: to post an activity or just show that you're available, click on the appropriate timeslot in Sponty's interactive calendar, pop in where, when, and what you wanna get into, choosing either your own hilarious phrase, or suggested terms mated to icons, from the masculine football helmet "(Are you ready for some football?") and beer mug ("Let's get some beers"), to a lady-friendly red pump ("Girls Night!"), or a video-game controller whose "Uber games!" catchphrase guarantees, Sponty or no, you'll be Uber Friendless! After you post, your awesome friends can message you through your event, or, if nobody's biting on your sweet to-dos, just scroll through a calendar mapping out what they're doing, and if you find something you want in on, click on your friend's "hangoutable" shindig, send a message, or simply press "I'm Down" -- a clever linguistic trick of making your shudderingly empty life sound cool

If you realize that you're not going to have enough time to put together that "Surf Pro's, Beach Ho's" party at Tequila Rain, just hit "Call it off" in the event details page, and Sponty'll notify all your friends, perfect for when your D-Stix duel goes into triple-OT.