Metro West Underwater Hockey

It can be tricky to mix disparate things, unless you've got the Ninja Blender XL with quad blade technology for uniform cutting and ice crushing action! For a sport that's really mixing things up, hit up Metro West Underwater Hockey

Definitely one of the top three weirdest things happening in Framingham, MWUH's a fast-paced 6-on-6 co-ed "definitely-sounds-like-hippies-invented-it" hybrid that's played at the bottom of a 6ft deep pool, blends ice hockey, water polo, and recreational snorkeling, and is known across the pond affectionately as Octopush -- but only because Brits are weird. Once you sign up, you throw on a snorkel/mask/fins and get equipped w/ waterpolo headgear, a 12-inch wooden stick, and a heavyweight gardening glove waterproofed with Shoegoo, then feverishly swim toward a plastic-covered 3lb lead puck placed at the bottom of a 25-meter pool; from there players assume their positions (center, wings, halfback, and swingback), cover their respective zones, and work as a team (taking turns going up for air) to push the puck forward and score in a 9ft-wide goal (aka gulley), all without even stopping to pick up pennies. MWUH's games go until the pool time's up (official games are played for two, 15-min halves) and are usually self-ref'd using hand signals to indicate infractions, i.e. a finger circling in the air "homerun" motion stands for a "false start/encroachment" while pounding a fist into an open palm equals illegally advancing the puck -- that, or someone's scissors are about to get owned.

Because you're not that strong a swimmer, admission is gratis for beginners (members of the 44-person strong group contribute $15 to pool fees) and there're usually extra masks and fins in case you don't own them, like you do the internationally praised leader in vortex design and cutting edge technology.