Bamboo bikes, of course

Using unexpected materials can make even the most boring things exciting, except hula hoops. Those will always suck. Thankfully not making hula hoops, Erba Cycles.

Skillfully constructed by a Maine engineer who built his first bike frame when most people were learning to read (age 17), EC's a just-unveiled planet-saving line of hand-crafted "commuter and comfort bicycles" made from natural fibers & high-strength bamboo that boast a ride quality that's "Plush with a capital P", though the feeeel so much depends on the weather. EC's lightweight flagship is the sleek Erban, which features natural fiber joint-work tooled from plant-based hemp/flax, a new pinhead wheel locking system that replaces standard hex screws w/ a unique dome-shaped/divoted nut, bamboo grips, single-speed or fixed-gear options w/ 3, 7, or 8-speed internally-geared hubs, and is available in a "finish and color that varies with the bamboo harvest" and includes earth-tone, caramel-colored hemp, or creamy bone flax, which Jamba Juice is, at this moment, figuring out a way to put in your next smoothie. Or, if you live your life the Mad Libs way, you can use their sweet online tool to custom design your new ride and trick it out with components (rims, tires, crankset) in any one of 10 different colors, as well as select everything from handlebar shape to the fork (black steel, white carbon), and type of joint material, which the Black Eyed Peas'll know when they see it.

Because no one wants to ride alone, they're currently hard at work developing a smaller matching lady's frame with low step-over, as well as a beach cruiser, though the time frame is TBA, as it's unclear what kind of hoops they'll need to jump through, though seeing how they're hoops, they'll definitely suck.