Stunner of the Month

There are two things in life worth doing monthly, and neither of them are important enough to mention right now. Because the third is the Stunner of the Month.

Launched by a group of jet-setting friends with an aversion to UV rays, Stunners is a subscription service that sends you one randomly selected, handsourced pair of rare and unbranded sun cheaters each month for the low, low cost of nine bucks, including shipping -- so it's like Netflix, except you'll use it. To reign in the random, just select your gender; then a computer algorithm (!) thumbs through the 2,000-plus handpicked sun specs in the collection to determine which new tints should be sent, taking into consideration shades you've received previously, and your style preference, which the computer will quickly recognize has been set to none. Styles are split up into three levels ranging from the subtle I-can-wear-these-to-a-wedding "simple stunts", to the middle of the road, who-cares-I've-been-drinking "mezzanine stunts", to the balls-to-the-wall "stuntastic super stunts" -- glasses so outrageous they had to make up a word!

But if you think getting fresh shades is exciting, there's more; soon you'll also have the chance to upload your best stunner pics, rate other user-submitted photos, and engage in a online thrown-down for the title of "Stunner of the Month" -- suggesting the fourth thing you'll be doing monthly is impressing people you'll never meet.