Food & Drink

Teele Square Cafe

Sure, farming sounds great, what with the earning an honest living producing delicious fresh food, but in reality, they inhabit an alien universe of waking up at dawn and tugging nipples when they're not even a little horny. Merging their world with yours, Teele Square Cafe

From the "committed urban farmers" behind 2nd Street Cafe and former Exec Chef at Aquitaine, TSC's a bright-yellow-walled, chalkboard-laden 25-seat home-style comfort food "haven" serving breakfast grub, soups, salads, sandwiches, and "home cooked gourmet specials" that, when harvesting season permits, utilize herbs, veggies, eggs, etc, from the owner's own garden and chicken coop. Deliciousness commences with 20 types of sammies served on your choice of fresh-baked breads (ciabatta, country white, seven-grain, light rye, baguette...) and ranging from cold specials like roast beef/Boursin/horseradish mayo, and roast turkey/cranberry sauce/mushroom stuffing/mayo, to grilled goodness like steak & Fontina cheese (w/ onions, peppers, garlic aioli), a Cubano, and even a grilled PB&J, which can also come w/ Fluff, in case the wang pills aren't kickin' in. Heartier entrees change daily, and can include Puttanesca pasta w/ grilled chicken, pot roast w/ mashed potatoes, beef and vegetable curry w/ Basmati rice, chicken pot pie, and "Thanksgiving Dinner", which comes with roast turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and a heaping portion of hating on your dad's new "woman friend"

Teele's also got morning fare like breakfast sandwiches, house-made granola w/ yogurt & berries, brioche French toast w/ creme fraiche, five types of omelets (bacon/spinach/onion/Swiss, etc), and homemade "hand-rolled sausage", which suggests that you're not as far from the farming world as you originally thought.