Thai's Bistro

They say that good things come in threes, but they also say that about celebrity deaths, so it probably depends on whether or not Fran Drescher is around to read this. Hoping that their resto falls into the former, Thai's Bistro.Completing the trifecta of Thai restaurants opening within a three-block radius downtown, TB refuses to stoop to the sordid practice of taking a fancy, confusing name, offering instead full focus on satisfying your kra prow and fish curry cravings in a 26-seat space decorated with Thai-tourism posters, floral-print tables, and green brick walls, strengthened, no doubt, by the signing of Jermaine O'Neal. Choice specials include a browned fish filet covered w/ ginger sauce called the Fish N' Herb; Volcanic Eruption (a spicy brown sauce'd squid/scallop/shrimp combo sauteed w/ assorted veggies); and the stir-fried Shrimp in Love w/ mushrooms, pineapple, and a lawsuit coming from Mickey Rooney's VH1 reality development team. There's also deliciousness like Cashew Nut Beef sauteed with scallion, carrots, and 'shrooms; Drunken Chicken with pepper, basil, and string beans; and a curry powder'd shrimp/scallop Seafood Orgy, which sounds hotter than it is.If you think Thai's Bistro ends there, you're almost right, assuming you don't dig shrimp/vermicelli Fresh Rolls, deep-fried ground chicken curry puffs w/ sweet & sour sauce, or classic Golden Bags, which are good despite normally coming in twos, unless you're having a drink in Venusville.