Tory Row

Unless you're a creepily bearded war reenactor, only approximately every 233 years do you get to shout "The British Are Coming!". Well, hop on your steed and start yelling, blimey, 'cause Tory Row's open.

Just opened this week by the dudes behind capital-letter-eschewing middlesex and audubon circle, Tory Row (named for the Brattle St mansions that used to house rich fellows loyal to England) completely revamped the old Greenhouse Cafe space, turning it into a communal European-styled cafe w/ exposed brick, glossy teak veneer wall panels, a 10-seat L-shaped bar and share tables made of fireslate, and Shepard Fairey wall art ripped (w/ his permission) from a building outside the spot. Highlights from the simple, eclectic, still-coming-together menu include a bubbling baked raclette w/ house-pickled shallots; a sirloin w/ dressed greens, mushrooms, and a potato pancake; a pink-sauce-smothered oven-baked pasta; and a flatbread w/ white cheddar, bacon, and enough spinach to give you the strength to not die due to skillets of bubbling raclette. Lighter comestibles include sandwiches (handpacked Angus cheeseburger, brioche'd croque monsieur, etc), salads (chopped or duck confit), and a spicy Spanish black bean soup -- the more you eat, the more Real Madrid!

If you prefer to drink your meals, they've got a solid selection of beers on tap (Shipyard, Fisherman's IPA, Leffe Blond, Gritty McDuff's Black Fly Stout, etc), in bottle (Sam Smith, Long Trail Blackberry, Sinebrychoff Porter), and even sealed in aluminum (Tecate En Lata, Tetley's Cream, Narragansett) -- because when the British arrive, you've gotta do what Tory chicks once did, and show 'em your cans.