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Trina's Starlite Lounge

When All-Stars come together, the results can be magical (The Original Dream Team) or they can involve losing to Puerto Rico by 19 points in Greece mostly because of Allen Iverson's terrible attitude be not so magical. Aiming for the former, Trina's Starlite Lounge, open today.A joint venture from four renowned Boston restaurant scene vets (Silvertone, Beehive, Highland Tap, and City Grill), Trina's is a 40s/50s-themed "southern diner with a twist" located in Inman's old Abbey Lounge that serves up crafted cocktails and burgers/dogs, pressed sammies, and meaty entrees in a black/sky blue three-room, two-bar, 120 seat space featuring leather booths, mid-century pics and props (vintage cocktail shakers, metal beer trays) scoured from local flea markets, as well as bathrooms collaged with the pages of old Life Magazines -- so you can read a review of Dial M for Murder, whilst dialing P for Pee. Drinkwise, they've got 18 beers (Rapskilian Honey Brown, PBR, Stone Pale Ale, etc) as well as "not-too-pretentious" cocktails like the Fallen Angel, a spicy mango margarita blended w/ Angelique tequila that dons a BBQ dusted rim; the All Heart Cooler w/ Saint Germain, Campari, and white wine; and bourbon mixed w/ Belle de Brillet and lemon juice known as the Gentleman, which seriously doesn't mind if you don't drink it. Honestly. You do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Following the cocktails, TSL cooks up dishes from below the Mason Dixon Line like baked haddock w/ sautéed spinach and sweet potato/green onion hash; fried chicken and buttermilk waffles doused in a hot pepper maple syrup; and a pan seared sirloin steak plated w/onion rings and a dirty gravy that's just waiting to spill on your crotch at super inappropriate times! They've also got a choice of five hot dogs (griddled, chili cheese, corn), a single/double/triple patty Angus burger topped with all the fixins, and apps like buffalo wings, black bean chili, and a pepperoni roll with origins in the coal mines of West Virginia -- eat enough and the only magical result you can hope for is not spending the rest of the night Dialing D for Does This Restroom Stall Lock?