Easy-to-make sides even you can't screw up

Just because you're not skilled in the culinary arts doesn't mean you have to show up at Thanksgiving with a bag of Boston Market and those weird chicken-flavored crackers, although to be fair, that concept is pretty strong. So to help, we enlisted a few of the town's top chefs (and a master mixologist) to create some impossible-to-screw-up recipes for meaty holiday treats:

Mashed Potatoes with Caramelized Shallot, Ham, Gruyere, and BeerKeith Pooler, Bergamot Like stuffing an entire croque-monsieur into the spuds, this burly twist on a T-Day staple rocks diced pig that's been braised in your favorite brew, though where you're going to find Red Dog on this short notice is entirely up to you.

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Biscuit and Sausage StuffingWill Gilson, Garden at the Cellar Dispelling your long-held belief that all stuffing comes from Big Stovetop, this spicy sausage specialty from the gurus at GATC actually calls for chopping up canned biscuits, which would be a lot hotter if you didn't know they were being piped in by the sound guy.

Biscuit is also slang for a hot woman! Make Will proud, by checking the recipe here.

Roasted Bacon & Butternut Squash GratinEvan Deluty, Stella Because everyone knows that the squash never gets finished, ensure the perennial king-of-leftovers is defeated before dessert by bulking it up with a creamy, cheesy texture, and eight strips of sizzling hog, which is pretty Boss.

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Hawkeye Holiday PunchMatthew Coughlin, Aquitaine To really lubricate the awkward political discussions during dinner (immigration?!), serve up this delicious spiked punch rife w/ rum, cider and Domaine de Canton, but not Domaine de Canton, Mass, cause that's just Centerfields.

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